Current Student Ambassadors

Rachel Lundeen

Our Student Ambassador is an undergraduate German Studies major who wants to connect with prospective and current students to share their experiences and support them with the college/major decision process.

Here is our Student Ambassador Rachel Lundeen:

"The summer before I started high school, a New Yorker article about the lingering influence of the GDR on modern Germany caught my eye. Instantly fascinated by the history and political legacy of German division and reunification, I began reading everything I could find on these topics. It soon became clear that the German language was the key to fully exploring these interests, and so began my passionate study of German. Through my inspiring coursework at UW, I have expanded my German skills, discovered the rich German literary tradition, and gained a new perspective on German society and culture. 

I would advise prospective students to get involved with German Studies however they can! Check out German Studies classes, join German Club, and attend movie screenings and other departmental events to connect with UW German. German Studies faculty, students, and staff are among the most passionate, kind, and welcoming people I’ve met at UW. Come join our community! "