German Campus Weeks 2018

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German Embassy Campus Weeks

The Department of Germanics received a grant in recognition of our participation in Campus Weeks 2018, a promotional campaign organized by the German Information Center to introduce students and the campus community to German culture and society. Student teams engaged in research about the German energy turn from fossil to renewables on an optional basis and integrated their findings into their module team projects. These project presentations (posters, films, exhibit blue prints etc.) were featured center stage at our final student symposium on December 7 and received special recognition and prizes. Projects are posted online at a Department website and linked to the national Campus Weeks site as well. We also hosted a guest speaker in November, Prof. Markus Wilczek from Tufts University, who has extensive in-class and out-of-class experience involving students in topics concerning sustainability. Professor Wilczek gave an in-class presentation on pests as a challenge to humanism.

Here are the links to short descriptions and foto documentation for the student projects:

German 285: Diversity in the Anthropocene