SAGA Internship: Warum kannst Du so gut Deutsch sprechen?

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
From left to right: Madison, Isaiah and Miah

„Warum kannst Du so gut Deutsch sprechen?“ the Kindergarten Kids are wondering.

It is Circle-Time in Kindergarten and all eyes are on the smiling intern from the University of Washington. „Weil ich Deutsch studiere!“ Madison answers and the students are amazed by this simple fact. Working together in a fun environment and having a positive role model for German is priceless, when teaching young kids the value of foreign languages. That is one of the many reasons why we love having our three Students from the University of Washington join us twice a week in our elementary classroom. Together we are going on adventures with new letters and numbers, read in German, help in German, do Art projects and even go on Field Trips. We, the students and staff truly appreciate having a big helper in the classroom and as one of the students just said: “When I go to College I want to study German as well, so I can come back and teach with you. Madison, Miah and Isaiah look like they are having so much fun.“ The SAGA School (a german immersion preschool through elementary school located in north Seattle) truly enjoys this exchange program and hopes to see some new UW-Students signing up for this program next school year.