Thank you to our donors

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Denny Hall; Photo Misha Neininger

This year we received a major contribution to one of our endowments by Peter Neurath. Faculty and students in Germanics thank Peter for his very generous gift in the memory of his mother, Hilde Bial. Proceeds from the Neurath endowment will support students and faculty alike but also ensure programming and events in the future. You can read more about Peter’s family history on our webpage: If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please contact Sabine Wilke for further details.

Thanks to the following donors for their generous support of the Department of Germanics. Private contributions help us support undergraduate and graduate students, sponsor public lectures, and provide resources for faculty and student research.

John R. TeVelde
Michael P. Allard
Andrea A. Haugen
Ingrid M. Rasch
Joe & Rose Voyles
Joseph Edmund Lowry
Charles H. Thulin
George S. Bozarth & Tamara Friedman
William Walter Rasch
Lawrence W. Madden
John David Pizer
Hellmut & Cheryl Ammerlahn
Eric Dwight Blohm
Christopher H. Shea

Ursula M.Erdmann
Dean C. Sawhill
Ronda Star Rutherford
Laura G. McGee
Georgiana Kate Graf
Ursula R. Bannister
Monika Boos
Heidi Tilghman

Max Kade Foundation
German Embassy
Goethe Pop Up Seattle

If you would like to donate to the department, please visit Support Us for more information.