Graduate Student Update: Anna Malin Gerke: Das letzte Wort

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Das Letzte Wort - Netflix Viewing Party

After Autumn’s well-received Netflix Viewing Party for Unorthodox, we’ve organized another! This spring we watched and discussed the comedic drama Das letzte Wort, a German Netflix miniseries from September 2020 starring Anke Engelke.

Das letzte Wort tells the story of Karla Fazius, a woman who tries to overcome the sudden death of her husband. Longing, fear, anger, speechlessness - Karla doesn't find her own voice until the day of the funeral. There and then she decides to become a eulogist. Together with the owner of a funeral home, she assists those dealing with loss and accompanies them on their individual paths to bid their final farewell. With her fresh personality, she is soon known as a fun alternative to the other typically somber eulogy speakers.

Students received extra credit for participating in the synchronous screenings and the discussions following each episode!

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