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Anna Malin Gerke (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student

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DEN 400K
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M.A., Applied Linguistics, University of Münster/Germany, 2019
M.Ed., German Studies and Theology, University of Münster/Germany, 2019
B.A., German Studies and Religion, University of Münster/Germany, 2016

Anna Malin is a doctoral student at the Department of German Studies. She joined the department in 2019 as an exchange instructor from Münster where she completed her M.A. in Applied Linguistics as well as her Master of Education in German and Theology. In her research, she applies linguistic methodology to literature and encourages cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural work. She wonders how we are influenced by language and on the other hand is curious about how people express themselves through language. She is particularly interested in public speeches in exceptional states; such as in war, in a pandemic or in the global climate crisis.

Courses Taught

Additional Courses

Fall 2021: HONORS 285 (TA) "Diversity in the Middle Ages" with Prof. Oehme

Summer 2021: GER 298 (TA) "Witchcraft - from history to pop-culture" with Prof. Oehme

Spring 2021: GER 302 (TA) "Conversation and Writing Skills" with Prof. Oehme

Summer 2020: GER 100 A: Intensive First-Year German

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