News from our Graduate Students: PhD Candidate Justin Mohler

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Justin Mohler


After a challenging year full of teaching, dissertation writing, job applications, and (mostly) successful attempts to maintain sanity as we begun the transition to life on an almost-but-not-quite-yet normal campus, I am very happy to be able to share some exciting news. After submitting my dissertation, “Beastly Specters: from Hubris to Hybridity in German Romanticism and Beyond”, on May 4th, I plan to defend it in early June. Assuming this final step goes as planned, I will be on track to receive my PhD and begin a new position in August as Assistant Professor of German at Saint Anselm College’s Department of Modern Languages and Literatures in Manchester, New Hampshire.

My family and I are thrilled to be taking these exciting steps toward a new life on the east coast, where much of my extended family currently live. While it will be difficult to say goodbye to the many people and places that we have come to love in our years in the Pacific Northwest, it goes without saying that I am eternally grateful for the support and encouragement that has brought us to this exciting transition. My deepest appreciation is owed to the wonderful faculty members, administrators, and fellow grad students whose tireless efforts have created an incredible place to live and work together, which I have been proud to call home for all these years. While the last box has not yet been packed, I already look forward to returning!