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Alex Minami
Alumni Update: Alex Minami, Seattle Opera
Margarethe Von Trotta Film Series
Margarethe von Trotta Film Series
Student Projects: Why Is There No Speed Limit on the Autobahn 
PANEL | A Zeitenwende (turn of an era) for Germany?
Ayoub, Phillip M. ‘Author Response.’ in “Dialogue: When States Come Out?”:
News from our Alums: Phillip Ayoub
sabine lang
Faculty Updates: Sabine Lang
Detail from One Nation -- Many Stories event poster
One Nation -- Many Stories: 30 Years of German Unity Virtual Panel Discussion on Vimeo
News from our alums: Solidarity and Its Limits by Anke Biendarra (PhD 2003) 
Anne Potjans
Beyond Kinship and National Identity: Ika Hügel-Marshall’s Daheim Unterwegs: Ein Deutsches Leben
Pablo Neruda in D.C. Office - Humanities Advocacy Day
Richard Block, Department of German Studies
Richard Block on “Teaching the Holocaust in the Age of Trump” and Annegret Oehme on a key teacher and her path to studying Old Yiddish in “From Old Yiddish to Modern Mentorship”
Niko Switek
Meet Niko Switek: New DAAD Visiting Professor for German Studies
The White Rose