The German Club presents: Virtual Game Night

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Virtual Game Night
German Club Game Night with Miah, Sara et al.

Like many things this past year, the German Club at the University of Washington has gone virtual. Rather than meeting each week at a local coffee shop, the club has instead been meeting weekly via Zoom. Aside from this, not much has changed about the club. The focus was, and still is, to create a greater sense of community amongst German students, and, of course, to practice German.

Each week, the students in attendance select and play an online word game. Some of the most popular choices include Code Names, a game involving word association, Skribbl, a form of online Pictionary, Stadt Land Fluss, a game similar to Scattergories, and twenty questions. These games not only provide opportunities for vocabulary building, but also allow for interesting historical and cultural discussions. While the games themselves are in German, discussions typically take place in both German and English depending on the language level of the students in attendance.

All language levels are welcome to attend the weekly game night and currently our club members range from 101 students to native German speakers. If you are interested in participating in the German Club’s weekly game nights, please email or visit our Facebook page, @germanclubuw, for more information.

Miah Robert, Student Ambassador