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Summer 2016 UW Germanics Newsletter

Dear Friends of Germanics and Alums:

It’s been an eventful spring and I hope you will enjoy some of our departmental news. We said goodbye to another group of remarkably gifted graduates at our convocation ceremony earlier this month. Over the summer now we will start preparing for our move back to Denny Hall in early September. The return will give us a chance to finally exhibit the generous gifts we received from Peter Neurath two years ago. At that time, Peter presented us with an oil painting of his late mother, Hilde Bial Neurath, by the renowned artist Edith London, and a condolence note by Albert Einstein. We will display the portrait and a facsimile of the note along with several interesting photographs from Peter’s album in our restored quarters in Denny Hall and celebrate the occasion with a special event next year. To our emeritus colleague, Manfred Bansleben, a historian by training, we owe special thanks for his extensive research of the Neurath-Bial family history in order to provide more of a narrative context for this wonderful gift.  I am delighted to report that the new Neurath website is up and running now and ready for interested viewers.

The Neurath Donation

We extend our sincerest thanks to all of our gracious donors and look forward to hearing from our alums.

Best wishes for a pleasant and joyful summer.
Brigitte Prutti