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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hourssort descending
Behler, Diana Professor Emerita, German Studies and Comparative Literature
(206) 543-4580
Brown, Jane K. Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor of Western Civilization Emerita (German Studies and Comparative Literature)
(206) 543-4580
Voyles, Joseph Professor Emeritus, German Studies By appointment
Barrack, Charles Professor Emeritus, German Studies
(206) 300-1500
By appointment
Gray, Richard Professor of German Studies, Byron W. and Alice L. Lockwood Professor in the Humanities
Ammerlahn, Hellmut Professor Emeritus, German Studies and Comparative Literature
(206) 543-4580
Bansleben, Manfred Professor Emeritus, German Studies
(206) 543-4580
Brown, Marshall Professor Emeritus, Comparative Literature and German Studies
(206) 543-1488
B405 PDL
Jarzomb, Jeffrey Graduate Student DEN 328
By appointment
Oehme, Annegret Assistant Professor DEN 330
By appointment (via zoom)
Terrasi, Kye Associate Teaching Professor
(206) 221-7758
DEN 336
By appointment
Wiggins, Ellwood Associate Professor of German Studies
(206) 543-4189
DEN 338
Spring 2022: Wed11:30-12:30 or by appt. (email me to schedule zoom or in-person meeting)
Prutti, Brigitte Professor of German
(206) 543-4565
DEN 341
M, F 11:30-12:00 and by Zoom appt.
Groves, Jason Associate Professor of German Studies, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Honors Adviser
(206) 221-2566
DEN 342
On leave
Block, Richard Professor of German Studies
(206) 543-6025
DEN 345
F: 12:00-1:300; Wed. 9:30-10:20. And by appt.
Brandl, Klaus Professor of German Studies
(206) 543-6887
DEN 346
by appointment via zoom only
Wilke, Sabine Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor in Western Civilization, Chair
(206) 543-4580
DEN 360
By appointment; for a Zoom appointment, send me an email
Neininger, Michael Program Specialist
(206) 543-4580
DEN 360 C
M-Th 9:30 - 2:30; and by appointment
Welch, Stephanie Administrator
(206) 543-6046
DEN 360D
Daily 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Childs, Matthew Graduate Student DEN 400K
Mondays 10:30–11:30AM; Tuesdays 12:00–1:00PM (please email for an appointment).
Carpenter, Aaron Graduate Student DEN 400K
Tues: 9:30 – 10:20, Thurs: 10:30 – 11:20, or by appointment
Weber, Detlev Max Kade Graduate Fellow DEN 400K
Mondays 11 PM - 12 PM and 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM; or by appointment
Gerke , Anna Malin Graduate Student DEN 400K
by appointment
Bradley Kondo, Hannah Max Kade Graduate Fellow DEN 400K
By appointment
Romanelli, Sam Max Kade Graduate Fellow DEN 400K
By appointment
Weber, Anastasia Teaching Assistant DEN 400K
On Zoom by appointment only.

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Canfield-Budde, David Affiliate Assistant Professor, German Studies
Kaup, Monika Adjunct Professor, English, Comparative Literature, and German Studies
(206) 221-6509
Kuru, Selim Adjunct Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages & Civilization and German Studies
Lang, Sabine Adjunct Professor, Jackson School of International Studies and German Studies
Marhoefer, Laurie Adjunct Associate Professor, History and German Studies
Marshall, Colin Adjunct Associate Professor, Philosophy and German Studies
Nascimento, Amos Adjunct Professor, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary A&S UW Tacoma, and German Studies
Pfaff, Steven Adjunct Professor, Sociology and German Studies
Simon, Britta Affiliate Assistant Professor, German Studies; Director of Summer Quarter, Academic Programs
(206) 685-6303
Switek , Niko DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor
(206) 616 9232
Tilghman, Heidi Affiliate Assistant Professor, German Studies; Manager, Arts & Humanities Shared Services Center