Germany in Europe Campus Weeks 2013-14

Sabine Wilke, Sabine Lang. Germany in Europe Campus Weeks 2013-14.

With their focus on "Germany in Europe," the German Embassy's 2013-2014 Campus Weeks are devoted to discussing Germany's evolving position in a changing Europe and its implications for transatlantic relations. Is Germany taking on the role of a leading power in Europe? Or rather, should it assume such a role? This question has spurred a lively debate about historical apprehensions and the current potential of German leadership.

Germany in Europe campus activities will range from debate and essay contests to campus conferences and roundtable discussions as well as other creative related events.


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Winter 2014 

Sabine Wilke: Food, Animals, Waste, and Climate in the Anthropocene.

Class Projects 

This course offers an introduction to the environmental humanities. Literature, culture, and the environment are explored in their interlinkages along five examples: the study of food and consumption, animals and the post-human perspective, waste, climate change, and the question of diversity in the Anthropocene.

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Fall 2013

Sabine Lang :: Op-eds by Jackson School Students on the German Federal Elections 2013

The recent federal elections in Germany were observed carefully around the world: Would the Germans give their Chancellor Angela Merkel another four years at the helm of Europe’s currently most powerful polity? Would they endorse Merkel’s course of austerity towards less prospering EU member states? The results spoke a clear language: Merkel’s Conservative Party barely missed an absolute majority in Parliament. With her ‘no experiments’ approach, she secured the biggest win of any party since the 1950s. What are the implications of this landslide endorsement for Europeans and European integration?

Jackson School students in my lecture class on ‘Europe Today’ analyzed the elections and competed in an Op-Ed Essay contest on ‘Germany in Europe’. The Germany Embassy to the United States sponsored the contest within its “Germany in Europe – Campus Weeks 2013/14” and awarded cash prizes to the three best essays.  First prize went to Lauren Moses (International Studies); second prize went to Jacob Isenberg (Environmental Science and Research Management); third prize went to Philip Arbaugh (International Studies).  Below are the three winning essays.

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