Think Transatlantic Campus Weeks 2012

Sabine Wilke. Think Transatlantic Campus Weeks 2012.

The Think Transatlantic campaign aims at increasing the awareness of and the importance and stability of the German-American partnership during the last 65 years and its relevance for the future. The basic goal is to enhance dialogue and the exchange of best practices on how to tackle today’s toughest global challenges together, by building upon existing partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic as well as by thinking outside the box in crafting new concepts. Students across the country reconsider the importance of this partnership, its chances and its challenges in campaign events during October and November 2012. Think Transatlantic campus activities range from debate and essay contests to campus conferences and roundtable discussions as well as other creative related events. Students in 322 at the University of Washington work in teams on projects and events throughout the quarter, interacting with the nationwide campaign but also deepening their knowledge of German culture and the history of the transatlantic relationship through weekly readings and discussions. They design posters for German-American Day, create a pocket quiz on multicultural Germany, develop a board game on the history of German immigration to America, compete in the national essay competition, create a movie trailer or visual presentation about the German-American past, and collaborate on an art installation about imagining the future. Projects will be presented at a campus conference which will also feature the first public viewing of the video documentary of our campaign. Local faculty and students will select winners in each project category.

German 322 Class Projects

Think Transatlantic German Film Series for UW students, faculty, and staff:

Thursdays at 7:00 pm, Bagley Hall 260
October 4 - December 6

Think Transatlantic flyer (German 322) (PDF)

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