Literature, Culture, and the Environment

German 298: Team 3: Art Installation
German 298: Literature, Culture, and the Environment: Diversity in the Anthropocene

Students from Prof. Wilke's course on "Literature, Culture, and the Environment“ were showing their projects on Friday, March 10, in the new active learning classroom in Denny Hall.


Over the course of winter quarter 2017 they explored the topic along five examples: the study of food and consumption, animals and the post-human perspective, waste and pollution, climate change, and the question of diversity loss in the age that has recently been called the Anthropocene or the Age of the Human. The Anthropocene is a concept that describes the scale of human impact on the Earth in geological terms. The idea is that human impact is growing in the area of land use for food production, ecosystems, loss of biodiversity, climate change, and species extinction.


The course was organized into five modules and students completed one project for each module: an art installation about food and consumption (project 1), a cartoon about animals and the post-human (project 2), a short video spot on waste and pollution (project 3), a field guide to living with climate change (porject 4), and an exhibit blueprint for a museum of the Anthropocene (project 5).


Please find below one of the student projects (Field Guide: "What Bugs me"; Module 4 Group 8) as a PDF-File:

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