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Summer in Berlin program poster Summer in Berlin 2020 Info Session and Pizza Lunch November 18, 2019
Katja Petrowskaja Katja Petrowskaja: "Vielleicht Esther" November 18, 2019
Ich bin ein Doughnut Zuckungen, Gefühlsader and Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon November 18, 2019
Anne Potjans Beyond Kinship and National Identity: Ika Hügel-Marshall’s Daheim Unterwegs: Ein Deutsches Leben November 13, 2019
Thalia Theater, Hamburg: Amerika Kafka's Amerika in Seattle November 5, 2019
30 Years: After the Fall of the Wall event poster 30 Years: After the Fall of the Wall Panel & Discussion November 4, 2019
spring in vienna 2020 poster Spring in Vienna 2020 Info Session and Pizza Lunch October 30, 2019
Isiaih Back-Gaal Viennese Inqueeries: Queer Politics in Translation October 23, 2019
AATG exhibit: First encounters First Encounters -Exhibit at Denny 359 October 8, 2019
Kaffeestunde Stammtisch You are invited to our Stammtisch and Kaffeestunde September 30, 2019
Kick Before the Flick soccer goal wall Gearing up for Dawg Daze and Kick Before the Flick 2019! September 13, 2019
Oehme Arthurian Legend article The Knights who say Nu: Professor Annegret Oehme decolonizes literature in article from Jewish in Seattle Magazine September 13, 2019
saga school internship SAGA Internship: Warum kannst Du so gut Deutsch sprechen? June 14, 2019
Vanessa Hester Congratulations to Vanessa Hester: Hanauer Fellow 2018-19 and Bansleben Summer Dissertation Stipend June 14, 2019
Binh Truong Congratulations to Binh Truong: Fulbright Combined Grant in Austria June 14, 2019
Arts and Sciences Dean’s Medal Nominee Isaiah Back-Gaal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Medal Nominee Isaiah Back-Gaal Reflects on His Experiences in the Department of Germanics June 14, 2019
Verena Kick Newly Minted PhD and Dean’s Graduate Medalist: Verena Kick June 14, 2019
Chase Emrys Stamper Newly Minted PhD and Go-Map Scholar: Chase Emrys June 14, 2019
Drumheller Fountain June 2019 Departmental Convocation: Congratulations to the Class of 2018 - 2019! June 14, 2019
Justin Mohler Congratulations to Justin Mohler: Hanauer Fellow 2019-2020 and Bansleben Award for Excellence in Teaching June 11, 2019
Matthew Childs Congratulations to Matthew Childs: Hanauer Fellow 2019-2020 June 11, 2019
Kristina Pilz Newly Minted PhD and 2017-18 Mellon Fellow for Reaching New Publics: Kristina Pilz June 11, 2019
Sara Koeck Congratulations to Sara Koeck: Germanics Student Ambassador Award June 11, 2019
Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference June 11, 2019
jane brown Emerita News: Jane K. Brown, Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor of Western Civilization, (Germanics and Comparative Literature) June 10, 2019